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All haircuts and beard services can be customised by your stylist. Speak with our team online or in-person to develop your look.
Make it

Haircut prices

All haircuts and beard services can be customised by your stylist. Speak with our team online or in-person to develop your look.
  • Hair Cut

    £42 / 45 mins
    All cuts start with a detailed consultation and then include the process of cutting and shaping one’s hair to achieve a desired length or style. All services come with a hair wash and massage. We provide Kevin Murphy products, so we have you covered no matter your hair/scalp needs.
  • Skin Fade

    £50 / 60mins
    We cater for various fade styles such as low fade, mid fade, and high fade. The key feature of a skin fade is the gradual blending of the longer hair on top with the shorter hair at the sides and back, resulting in a clean and sharp look. This requires regular maintenance to keep the fade looking fresh.
  • Restyle

    £60 / 60mins
    Ready to take the plunge and make a big change? Whether you want to lose length or change the internal shape (via enhanced texture or movement), we provide detailed consultations to suit your desired outcome. Our expert hair stylists have got you and consider your lifestyle, face shape and hairstyle.
  • Beard (Razor)

    £30 / 30mins
    Indulge in a pampered beard service today. We focus on the face shape and texture of the beard, creating a desired shape to complement your features and haircut. Let us take on the work by maintaining your groomed appearance. This service comes with an ozone streamer and hot towel service.
  • Buzz Cut

    £25 / 15mins
    Perfect for low-maintenance clients that want a clean one-grade clipper cut all over. Expect a refined outline and a hair wash and scalp massage.
  • Cut Throat Shave

    £45 / 45mins
    Includes a detailed skin consultation, hair growth analysis, and density. We prep your skin with our crucial ozone streamer and use a hot towel to soften the hair for a smooth shave.
  • Kids Haircut (under 10)



  • Hair and Beard

    1hr 15mins
  • Skin Fade and Beard

    1hr 30mins
  • Restyle and Beard

    1hr 30mins
  • Buzz and Beard

  • Hair Cut and Cut Throat Shave

    1hr 30mins
  • Skin Fade and Cut Throat Shave

    1hr 30mins
  • Buzz and Cut Throat Shave


Mens Colour:

  • Highlights / Balayage

    From £55
    Highlights and balayage provide a subtle, lived-in sun-kissed look or a bolder appearance. Our qualified experts have you covered. This service is bespoke to your end goals. Service includes an in-depth consultation covering all maintenance and home care regime aspects.
  • Quasi Permanent

    From £55 / 30mins
    For those wanting to enhance their natural colour or desiring more grey coverage without the permanent colour look. Ideal for making your fade pop! This bespoke service is customised to your desired goals. For grey coverage, this service blends up to 70%.
  • Grey Blending

    From £35 / 35mins
    Hate the look of stubborn greys, but want a more natural look? This service blends greys up to 30% for a realistic result. Depending on your hair type, the procedure lasts up to 4-6 weeks.
  • Scalp Bleach and Toner

    From £140
    Feeling bold and daring? This service is all about lifting the canvas to a blonde and then working creatively with a toner, which deposits the desired tone for the end results.
  • Toner

    From £25


Male grooming isn’t limited to simple haircuts. Odyssey’s professional extras are here to elevate your barbering experience. From strengthening Olaplex treatments to a relaxing In House Scalp Spa treatment, we blend hair health and wellness to give you a moment of peace.



  • Olaplex Treatment

    £40 / 15mins
    A treatment designed to repair and strengthen damaged hair or hair undergoing a chemical process. Olaplex is well-known for its ability to significantly improve the appearance and texture of damaged hair, leaving it softer, stronger, and more manageable.
  • Kevin Murphy Masque Treatment

    £10 / 10 mins
    The Kevin Murphy products offer a variety of intensive masques depending on your hair needs. This service includes a hair wash, followed by a hot towel treatment for the product to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, providing essential nutrients and moisture. Rejuvenated hair in no time.


  • Eyebrow Threading/Waxing

    10 mins
  • Nose Waxing

    10 mins

Hair spa:

  • Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Wash

    £30 / 15 mins
    This unique scalp scrub is designed to remove excess impurities that regular shampoo misses. Ideal for all hair types, including colour styles. Includes a blend of fertile, natural spheres that exfoliate the scalp whilst protecting its natural properties.
  • Nioxin

    £30 / 15 mins
    Nioxin offers a range of hair products specifically designed to address thinning hair and promote a healthy scalp environment. The products are based on three principles: Cleanse, Optimise and Treat. This treatment primarily targets individuals experiencing hair thinning or hair loss due to factors like ageing, genetics, hormonal changes, or environmental stressors.


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